Code Pink Invades, Disrupts Iraq Hearing


Tom Ricks from the Washington Post is currently liveblogging the Iraq hearings featuring General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker. While I’m interested in learning more about the true state of affairs in Iraq from the perspective of the military and State Department officials on the ground, I’m most intrigued by the obnoxious disruptions of the hearings by members of Code Pink.

In case you missed it, Drudge has a link to a video of the outburst here.

While I understand that most Americans are frustrated with the state of affairs in Iraq, I have to wonder – do these kinds of 60’s-era anti-war demonstrations make much of a difference with regard to influencing public opinion and Congress in the year 2007? Sure, standing up and yelling anti-war slogans will get you on live national television, but I don’t think many mainstream Americans see this type of behavior on TV and say to themselves, “You go girl! I couldn’t decide on my own if the troop surge was working but after seeing you get physically dragged out of a Congressional hearing wearing a pink foam crown I’m convinced: It’s time to end this war!”

We now live in a digital democracy and, in my view, opponents of our Iraq policy are much more likely to persuade and influence by presenting their case in ways that are easier for mainstream news consumers to swallow. Take this video called “The Surge”, for example:

“AndyCobbonUTube” (whoever he is) has managed to present a well thought-out arguement against U.S. Iraq policy by combining the use of entertainment and politics. The video has only been up online for 15 hours or so and already DailyKos, which gets between 14 and 24 million visits a month, has linked to the video. Perhaps these ladies from Code Pink should think about adapting their PR stratagy…


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