Today’s New York Times has an interesting story regarding the way in which Internet technologies are forcing the exposure of very personal information regarding the private lives of Presidential candidates.  Check out the lead of the story:

BARACK OBAMA gets morning breath. Elizabeth Edwards felt her rib pop during some good loving with her husband, John.

Um…Ok.   The story goes on:

Too Much Information is a concept rarely honored in modern presidential politics. In a YouTube, cellphone photo, I’m-posting-it-on-the-Web world, no secret is safe, no taboo assumed, no limit observed. If a candidate, a grumpy spouse or a resentful second cousin once removed is foolish enough to talk about it — whatever “it” happens to be — that banality is pretty much guaranteed to be broadcast worldwide and discussed on a thousand blogs.

Isn’t the toothpaste already out of tube on this one? I understand why MSM outlets need to document the changing landscape in political campaigns, but I can’t help but to feel like they’re feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days.  You know, the good ol’ days in which they were the only ones able to decide which personal details about presidential candidates were appropriate to reveal.

Maybe they’re just jealous now that those of us with blogs can get the scoop.


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