Edwards Plays Coy with Online Webisodes

This story via Huffingtonpost provides some intersting behind-the-scenes information about how political reporters dig into a story:

In the summer of 2006, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards commissioned a series of web-based documentary shorts for his pre-announcement leadership PAC, the One America Committee. Within political circles, the videos were regarded as innovative, having successfully painted Edwards in a sympathetic, down-to-earth light.

Now, however, nearly all traces of the webisodes – as they became known – are gone. Links to them on the Internet no longer work. The Edwards campaign won’t release the videos, and the production company behind the films is citing confidentiality agreements in refusing to talk.

The story continues:

Jonathan Prince offered to let me and my editor, Tom Edsall, watch the videos – apparently unaware that at one point his campaign claimed not to have access to them. But there was a proviso: we could only view the videos in Prince’s presence.

We accepted the offer. But oh, how the story and my interests have changed. No longer am I working on a piece about new media and politics – boring! Now, I just want to know why these webisodes are shrouded in such mystery.


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