Is Blogging like Crack for Journalists?

Mark Gimein has an interesting post on Time‘s blog site outlining his views on blogging from the perspective of a journalist. He basically argues that many reporters love blogging because it lets them write “opinion-heavy quick hits” that offer “instant gratification.” But does this produce quality journalism?

Gimein says no – because there are no “cash rewards” for doing actual investigative reporting. Moreover, blog content often tends to be repetitive, shallow, and often inappropriately sourced. (He even compares the economics of blogging to pornography, heh heh).

Anyway, you can read the whole thing here. Feel free to discuss in the comments forum.


1 Response to “Is Blogging like Crack for Journalists?”

  1. October 17, 2007 at 12:45 am

    If blogging is crack, then by all means Mr. Gimein show us some of the pure white Colombian cola that you consider excellent journalism. Actually the crack reference is kind of good, although I have to say his guest blog was a real lame piece of work. Perhaps he was trying to make the point that blogs are just blurts of nothingness like his was? But he make a point about the crack culture of new media. It’s all about short-lasting highs. Like at work when people huddle around someone’s computer to watch something funny. Everyone gets a hit. Maybe once person asks for another. Then boss man gets a whiff and everyone scatters. Crack. I love it!

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