Found in the Blogosphere…

Liz at Verbage has a fantastic post about the importance of supporting free trade:

…if we continue to keep our markets open and attempt to decrease trade barriers in other countries (developed and developing) we can then continue to produce our specialized goods and services and sell them to other developed countries (they are our primary market for US exports). If the U.S. continues to specialize we are likely to see increase employment of skilled workers and an increase in their wages. As more and more skilled laborers are employed and see wages increases, this will raise our general standard of living. Yes, the process is not prefect. Some people will lose their jobs but for the longevity of the US and to continue seeing increases in our standard of living, we want those that lost their jobs to be re-trained and develop a more technical skill-set so that they are attractive to corporations and are likely to see an increase in their wages when re-hired.

Right on, Liz. You can read the rest here.

Also, Blogging the Void has done some great “investigative reporting” on the political leanings of Matthew Lesko, that annoying question mark guy who teaches people how to swindle the government out of money.¬† Turns out, he’s an Obama guy! Nice work.

(Photo courtesy Blogging the Void, check out more photos on his blog)


1 Response to “Found in the Blogosphere…”

  1. February 25, 2009 at 7:35 am

    I campaigned for him in New Hampshire

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