Requisite “I’m addicted to Twitter” Post

Like everyone else, I was skeptical. Twitter just doesn’t make sense! Who would care about what I’m up to in 140 characters or less? Do people actually keep up this stuff?

As it turns out, they do. This also might sound cliche and lame, but I’ve re-discovered how fun it can be having my own little community of (in this case) like-minded web 2.0 geek friends to keep up with. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the same thing.

Whatknows has put some real thinking into what Twitter does. He also has some great advice:

People complain that Twitter is just “one more thing”, and I guess it kind of is, but I’m not convinced that it has to be. I originally joined Twitter to see if this “one more thing” was something worth adding, but over time have grown mildly fond of my 140 character updates. The recommendation I would give those who are not quite sure how to integrate Twitter into their lives (or visa versa) is to mix it into something you already know and do. We all update our Facebook status. And what is Twitter if not the Facebook status minus the Facebook?

True dat.

We’ll see what happens once my summer classes begin, but in the meantime I’m hooked. So if you’re not already on it, join up so I can stalk you.


1 Response to “Requisite “I’m addicted to Twitter” Post”

  1. 1 whatknows
    May 14, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Oh, you blogged about me. Now we can be twitter friends for life. (Actually, I am in a “technical training” this week with not Internet connections. Tweets from the iPhone is all that is tiding me over.)

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