Quick Web Roundup

A couple interesting items I’ve come across on the Internets the past few days:

  • Check out how a blogger created a stir with a simple little trip to Murky Coffee in Arlington.  Want to trace how Web 2.0 made this a big deal?  Start your journey with the Catch Up Lady’s take and end  with today’s Washington Post coverage.  Avoid getting dick punched on the way.  (Update: A friend sent me a link to the t-shirt)
  • Don Reisinger over at CNet shows us how YouTube is turning things around by making deals with the big guys.
  • Do you suffer from Google privacy paranoia?  If so, you might be interested in finding out how these places managed to get blurred out on Google Maps.
  • Finally, Anthony Boudain visits Colombia and comes back with fantastic things to say about the homeland.   You can watch a saliva-inducing segment from his food show here:

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