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Geekiest. Marriage Proposal. EVAR!

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Where Did the Machine Go?

Twitter mostly.  But also using August as my much needed time to catch up on what I need to do with my life.   Fixing odds and ends around our house.  Getting ready for a crazy work-related trip abroad (more on that later).  Catching up with friends, too.

I miss blogging, so I’ll be back soon.


I’m Not a Social Outcast, Dammit!

Ian Sohn over on Ogilvy’s blog answers a question that all of us social media nerds constantly get: Where do you find the time to do that?

That’s the question I often get when I talk to people about my participation in online social media. Where DO you find the time to update your Twitter stream? Where DO you find the time to upload photos to FaceBook? Where Do you find the time to read all those blogs?

The question is inevitably asked with a tone that implies I am either a total social misfit, ignore my family or slack off at work (or D: all of the above).
My initial reaction usually takes a defensive tone – where do YOU find the time to sit on the couch and stare at the TV for 3 hours a night?

Read his whole post here.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Memory from the Edge of the Bosporus

Took this bit of video during my trip to Turkey.  The sounds of the prayer calls emanating from the hundreds of mosques throughout the city will be one of my favorite memories.


The First Campaign

If you’re looking to make sense of what’s happening in national politics right now, pick up a copy of The First Campaign.  At the risk of sounding like I’m kissing my professor‘s ass, I’m going to say that it’s probably one of the best books I’ve read on politics in the last year.

The basic thesis of the book is this: The 2008 campaign will be the first one in which the Internet will be a deciding factor in the outcome.

It might sound cliche to say the Internet is changing politics, but it’s actually occurring in significant ways NOW.  Not only does Garrett make a compelling case about the new era in which we are entering, but he also ties it in with everything else going on in the world.  One of these major trends is globalization, in which goods, services, and people move almost effortlessly across geopolitical borders.

Let’s talk about a more timely topic related to all this. How about, say, John McCain and his admission that he’s not so good with technology. In fact, he doesn’t use e-mail or surf the Web.  He lets his staff do that for him.  Graff had an op-ed published in the post about this very topic.

Indeed, knowing how to use the Internet is an essential skill set for the President of the United States to have.  By the time the next president leaves office, I will venture to say that most Americans will rely principally on the Internet to communicate and consume information.  If we can expect that people running for office know the price of a gallon of milk or gas, shouldn’t we expect that they also know how to compose a simple e mail message or find something using Google?

Enough of my thoughts. What do YOU think?


Gastronomical Nirvana?




Check out this amazing new piece of American cuisine over on That Make Again List blog. Yes. That’s a Ham Dog.  What’s a Ham Dog, you say?

A ham dog is a hotdog that is wrapped in ground beef then deep fried. They then place it on a hoagie roll, top it with chilli, grilled onions, and a fried egg. (via supersized meals)

Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re “too good” for a ham dog.  Only a “crazy” person would eat something like that.  I can just “hear your arteries clogging as I read this blog post.”

Well I’ll tell you what.  The Machine isn’t going to let a little thing like heart disease get in the way of sampling a new American tradition.  As soon as I’m able, I’m going to run (ok, drive) to Shoppers and pickup the ingredients to make one.  I’ll even post my photos to Flickr.  (I’ll tag my pics with “gastronomical nirvana” and “stool softener” if you want to find them).

If this is as good as it looks, I’ll wager that in 5 years, every main street festival in America will have a Ham Dog stand.  In fact, candidates running for every political office in the land will trip over themselves wanting to be photographed eating one.  Even Marc Summers over at The Food Channel will devote an entire episode of Unwrapped to how these are made.

Don’t be a food snob.  You know you want it.


Tweet-complaint Against Hillary

Just ran across this little item in the New York Observer.  A former Hillary staffer is complaining about not getting paid and is using Twitter – the ultimate in passive-aggressive technologies – to let the world know.

I think this little item has the potential to get a lot of MSM attention considering the complaint lies at the perfect intersection of politics, technology and controversy.  We’ll see what happens.